Welcome and About Me
Fallen into Kowloon's slums? Start here.

A Little Introduction

Hi, I’m Kowloon, this is my site. In the near future, hopefully you’ll see a lot here. I intend to upload blogposts, artwork, some writing, and most importantly some gamedev eventually. Most of what I write would probably be better off not being put into writing, and if it absolutely must be written then it probably should be written on paper and immediately burned afterwards. I will be posting it here anyway. Enjoy your stay!

Website Info Worth Noting

  • Website Design info is pinned to the sidebar
  • Goalkeeping will show you what I am working on at the moment, also pinned
  • Categories can be used to find posts on certain topics
  • I have labelled each post by how “important” they are (I mean relative to all the other posts. I doubt I have any information which will change your life.)

Contact Me

  • You can contact me on Twitter @DIGITALKOWLOON, I don’t really use it for anything but some philosophy/dev accounts though, my DMs are open, I probably wont accept follow requests.
  • I have a github, also DIGITALKOWLOON. I plan to start committing soon.

Last modified on 2022-05-21