A list of misbegotten ideas and projects to work on. Hopefully this will turn into a checklist of sorts.

Understanding this page

I plan to eventually have this organised very thoroughly so that each section is organised by importance in descending order, and every goal within each section follows the same rule. Sections are currently organised, goals are not.

Currently Underway

  • Learning art
  • Character Design
  • Worldbuilding
  • Website tweaking
  • Engine Research


  • Some Game TBD
  • Consistent devlog
  • An academic-style devlog template and style guide would be nice, I don’t want to be as laissez-faire as I have been so far
  • Research organisation for goalkeeping on this, don’t just use org-mode, use graphs, modelling langs, anything worth learning and at my disposal
  • Decide on engine

Art and Music

  • Post results of practice
  • Begin character design for the cast
  • More to come after I’ve thought of some rough outline for a game


  • Add recommendations
  • Add a button for youtube-powered music, so that each page can have an OST if the user wants to hear it.
  • Blur for the background of text that covers thumbnails
  • Make home load into pages of posts 5 entries long to minimize bandwidth from thumbnail images
  • Guestbook?
  • Offhand thoughts section for things which dont warrant a blogpost?
  • Maybe a proper darkmode implementation instead of the hacky mess I have right now


  • Some essay on McLuhan and media
  • Some essay on cybernetics, centering around Norbert Wiener
  • Some essay on GG Allin and how much self control is really ours
  • Some essay on the enjoyment of writing not to be read
  • Some essay on pseudonymity, identity and fractured personality
  • Some essay on learning concrete blueprints vs relational techniques (constructionist schools vs relative techniques in art)
  • Some essay on forgiveness in religion and society with reference to the modern day
  • Some essay on aphantasia


  • Perhaps a weekly update, hopefully every sunday at minimum.

Completed Tasks

  • Contacts
  • Remove Lightmode
  • Website boilerplate
  • Goalkeeping, Welcome and Design pages
  • Learn enough gimp to make moderately appealing thumbnails
  • First Blogpost

Last modified on 2022-05-21